Kickstart a new Cinnamon Recommended Project with a Micro-Grant of £2,000

We can take the expense and the stress out of starting a social action project. You can choose from our menu of Cinnamon Recommended Projects – brilliant initiatives that will help you respond quickly and professionally to a specific need. They’ll take good care of you, too! Each project will support you and your team as you set up your new initiative. 

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With a Micro-Grant, support just keeps coming! You’ll also have access all our insight tools, resources, webinar and training through Cinnamon Connect. This will help you address the ongoing challenges and embrace future opportunities that will inevitably come your way. We’re thinking about fundraising, maintaining enthusiasm from your volunteers and connecting with the wider community. 


Check Micro-Grant Availability

See if there are grants available in your area of the United Kingdom and when the closing date for applications is. 


Select Your Project

Check out our brilliant social action partners who can help you start an initiative in your community.


Check You Are Eligible

Make sure you meet the criteria to be able to apply for a Micro-Grant.

STEP 4  

Join Cinnamon Connect

You’ll need to apply through Cinnamon Connect, where you can also access loads of brilliant resources and support.

STEP 5  

Apply for a Grant

Get in touch with our Micro-Grants Officer who will send you a full application form. 

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Find out how Lighthouse Church in Sheringham used a Micro-Grant to start a CAP Life Skills course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is match funding?

Match funding can take a number of different forms. Your church may be able to make a financial donation, alternatively, the cost of your premises, resources you’ve purchased to run the initiative, or the value of time given by your team could also be considered. What we’re really looking for is a commitment from your church to support your project. The very best initiatives are ones where the church leaders are 100% behind.

Who can apply?

A local church, organisation, or group of churches working in partnership. To apply, you’ll just need proof that you are a registered charity with up-to-date accounts.

What areas are grants available for?

Cinnamon Micro Grants are only available to churches based in the United Kingdom. To check current availability go to:

When can you apply?

You can apply up to three months before you start a Cinnamon Recommended Project or up to three months after the project has begun. You can apply for one Cinnamon Micro-Grant per Cinnamon Recommended Project for every project you set up.

How long will it take?

It takes around six weeks to process a Micro-Grant application, although sometimes it can take longer.

What support will you get?

Micro-Grants give you so much more than just a financial boost. You’ll also have access to:

  • Cinnamon Connect – Access a library of online resources, webinars, and training to help your project succeed.
  • Quick Start Session – Make the most of Cinnamon Connect with a FREE introductory session
  • Training Opportunities – Gain key skills to establish and run a strong, effective community project.
  • Webinars – Get up to speed current challenges through our monthly interactive webinars.

Why only Cinnamon Recommended Projects?

Our Cinnamon Recommended Projects are tried and tested initiatives that can be taken off the shelf and easily replicated in churches across the country. They may not be the only way of addressing that need in the local community, but they are already proven to be effective and funders trust them!

What will be expected from us?

After 12 months, we’ll need you to give us an update on how things are going. But we hope we’ll be in touch throughout the year. Come and get involved with our training events and webinars and explore Cinnamon Connect. We have so much experience we’d love to share to ensure your projects makes a huge impact.

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