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Sharing Faith Authentically

Making friends and sharing your life…bursting out of our Christian bubbles!

Lisa Robertson from Isaiah 61 Movement has some practical advice to help you step out of your comfort zone and share your faith.

Jesus reminds us that in Isaiah 61 – the Spirit of the sovereign Lord is on us all to preach the good news.

We have good intentions to be His ambassadors, but we all have busy schedules and sometimes those whispers from His spirit to ‘say hello to your neighbour’ pass us by.

Making that initial, brave step to chat with someone is the most difficult thing.  We can never know what is going on in someone else’s life, what trials and troubles they are facing.

But we do know, as Christians, that we have the ability, with the help of God, to transform lives. That transformation starts with making friends.


We are in exactly the place that God wants us to be. Surrounded by the people that God wants us to know, we need to open our eyes, ears and hearts to those around us.

If we’ve done our best, carved out time and shown we care with our words and actions then, at the very least, we’ve made a new friend and at the very best, they will come to know Jesus.

God takes what we have started and turns it into something wonderful.


Jesus came to save us by interceding for us, taking away our sins, when we ask him to, and therefore mending our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

As we step out on this journey to start new friendships, prayer will play a key role. Finding time to look out for opportunities in the world around us is time-consuming.

Organisations, like i61m help Christians to turn those good intentions into actions in a very gentle way using an app.


Jesus developed his community of disciples during the time he spent ministering on earth.

Likewise, we need a community to support us. Sharing your concerns within your i61m group will help you to learn from each other.

You’ll be amazed how sharing experiences with those in a similar situation helps us to grow.


Being real with those we’re walking alongside is important. We’ve all been there – someone asks how you are and you go to respond ‘I’m fine thanks’ when really you have a head full of problems.

Develop habits of asking…’are you sure…can I help with something…would it help to talk…I’m a great listener’. Show integrity as you journey with others and create genuine, caring friendships outside of your Christian bubbles is important.


Don’t be put off by rejection. Many amazing things happen in life when we persevere. Be consistent and trust in God that he leads us to those he wants us to journey through life with.

Sometimes it’s difficult to break down barriers but with gentleness, kindness and prayerful guidance we will make progress and build real, authentic friendships.

If someone doesn’t respond well to you, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, pray, chat with your Christian group and try again!


We can easily judge others and they can judge us. It’s an ongoing battle!

Don’t be guided by that inner negative voice. Jesus wasn’t fazed by difficult people and situations, he shared his wisdom and love with everyone and we are called to do the same.

Christians are motivated by love and compassion, not judgement.


Download the i61m app. It’s a goal-setting tool to help youset, track and review progress as you share Jesus in your community.

You can also join an online group to support you.

Visit the i61m website to find out more.

Organisations like i61m help Christians to turn those good intentions into actions in a very gentle way. i61m uses a simple goal setting app, host online groups and create really practical videos for use within small groups to support, encourage and build confidence with other Christians.


i61M traileri61@HOME

Prayer, group breakouts and setting goals, all brought together in each episode. Special guests join for authentic discussion as we journey together and build confidence to share life, faith and Jesus.

Watch the trailer for i61@home monthly episodes.

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