Truth Be Told (TBT) helps churches to tackle loneliness by uniting the generations, bringing joy, hope and life to care homes and communities.
"My highlight today was singing ‘This Little Light of Mine’ and witnessing the residents instantly engage and sing their hearts out!"
TBT Storyteller


TBT Storytellers will deliver our creative, interactive storytelling activities with families and older adults in a variety of settings depending on their community’s needs and church’s capacity.


It could take a term to set up a TBT group if you have identified a Storyteller, TBT Friend and a location for your activities. Training takes five hours, preferably face-to-face, with additional independent learning. It'll take about an hour to prepare each session, and the session itself, including set up and pack down takes two hours.


The launch cost is £350 which covers physical resources and initial training. There's then a monthly licence fee of £75 for curriculum and support. You'll also need some props and to replenish stickers and bubble mixture - £50 a year will be ample. TBT never wants money to be a reason not to launch the project, so please do get in touch if this is a barrier for your church.


Churches will need to be able to find families and older adults from their congregation and community to participate in activities. If running sessions in a care home, TBT can help to make connections if needed. Links with your local social prescribing agency would be helpful to receive referrals of those lonely and isolated across the generations.


TBT provide the physical resources, a full curriculum, operations manual, training, support and facilitate peer to peer nurture and encouragement. You can contact churches running similar projects and through Cinnamon Network you can access support from a Cinnamon Advisor and Cinnamon Leadership Training.


You will need to source some of your own props, provide refreshments if required and somewhere secure to TBT session resources.


A TBT Storyteller will need to manage the project locally and would benefit from experience with young children and a passion for older people. No storytelling experience required, just an infectious enthusiasm and imagination! A TBT Friend would be useful to help sessions run smoothly and to be available to pray if asked.


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