The Trussell Trust supports a network of food banks to provide emergencv support to people facing hunger and destitution, and work towards a hunger-free future where all of us have enough money for the essentials.
"I felt I had no choice but to turn to the food bank for help. It made me appreciate how easy it is for any of us to find ourselves in the position of poverty. I think it's a true shame that in the UK today we are still seeing such a high demand for the services offered by the food bank."
Foodbank Volunteer


Collecting non-perishable food. sorting food and packing emergency food parcels; welcoming people using the food bank and providing signposting to other relevant services; sharing about the food banks work with schools, churches and businesses; organising campaigns to raise awareness of acute poverty and influence for long-term change.


Once the training has been completed it will take several months to build a team of volunteers, advertise for donations and connect with care professionals. Trussell Trust strongly encourages churches to explore partnership with existing Trussell Trust or Independent food banks in their area rather than setting up new ones wherever possible.


Setting up a new food bank as part of the Trussell Trust network requires an initial contribution of £1,500 and £360 for each consecutive year. Food banks running costs vary considerably depending on the number of paid staff, and whether venues are rented or provided in-kind.


Food banks develop strong relationships with local charity and statutory sector services who refer people who are in crisis need to the food bank. They also build relationships with local businesses, schools and community groups who may provide volunteers, food, financial donations, volunteers or get involved with local and national campaigning activity.


The Trussell Trust provide all the training and support needed to set up and run a food bank, including an operations manual, online and over-the-phone support, conferences and support from an Area Manager.


A large space is needed f or collecting, sorting, packing and storing food, along with a convenient and welcoming space where people can come to collect their parcels and access signposting to other support.


A food bank involves a large team of volunteers. Roles include: managing food storage, coordinating volunteers, welcoming people using the foodbank, administration, communications, campaigning and more.


Trussell Trust Foodbank has:


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