TLG Make Lunch equips churches to run holiday clubs for children and families, providing nutritious food and fun activities, helping to address child food poverty and disadvantage in local communities.
"We were told about the Make Lunch club at the Baptist church in town. It's turned out to be a lifesaver for us - a complete godsend."
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Through TLG Make Lunch, your church can provide vital support to some of the most vulnerable children in your community and, in addition, build relationships with families in desperate need of the loving support of your compassionate church family.


Setting up well will take a couple of months: recruiting your volunteers; completing the training; and advertising your service. Sessions usually last 1.5 - 2 hours with additional time to prep food and activities. It is up to you to decide which holidays you will open and how many sessions you will run per holiday.


A one-off payment of £200 covers the cost of the initial and ongoing training of your Make Lunch Co-ordinator and Core Team. There is a monthly partnership subscription of £20 which covers ongoing support and access to continued training & resources. You will also need to consider the ongoing costs of providing food and activities so families can attend your club free of charge.


Projects need to build relationships with local schools and other communitv groups so they can invite children and families to attend.


Make Lunch will eouip and support your team of volunteers with comprehensive bespoke training, access to resources, forums, events and ongoing support from a Regional Leader. There is also the opportunity to connect with other Make Lunch projects in the network and an annual TLG Connected conference.


You will need access to a suitable venue to host your Make Lunch club. This could be your church building, a community centre or a local school who are willing to let you use their facilities in the holidays.


You will need to appoint a Make Lunch Co-ordinator and a Core Team of 2 - 4 people to be trained as project leaders. Once trained, your Core Team will recruit additional team members to help f acilitate the sessions on the day. The size of your team will vary according to the capacity of your venue and the number of families you expect to attend.


TLG Make Lunch has:


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