TLG Early Intervention eouips and enables churches to support struggling children and their families in their communities.
"My coach was kind and caring and understanding. Thank you for being really kind and helping me figure out ways to stop worrying."
TLG pupil mentee


For one hour each week, volunteer coaches from the church spend time with a child to listen to and champion them, while supporting them through any issues they may be facing.


It usually takes between 3 and 6 months to set up an Early Intervention Programme and ensure your volunteers are trained and ready to coach. Coaching reouires 2 hours each week during term time - I hour each week in school for a year's worth of coaching a child, plus I hour to prepare and make contact with the family (usually by phone).


A payment of £600 covers the initial and ongoing training of a co-ordinator and their volunteer coaches. A monthly partnership subscription of £75 covers one-to-one support in the form of catch-up calls, forums, in-person annual reviews and ongoing training.


Churches work in partnership with their local school to offer the Early Intervention Programme. You will need to identify a suitable school and build relationships with the Senior Leadership team in order to undertake the project.


TLG provides comprehensive training for coaches and centre co-ordinators. TLG also provides access to an exclusive and extensive library of coaching resources and an online system which enables volunteers to track how much progress is being made. In addition, TLG Regional Leaders provide regular centre support through termly 1:1s, regional forums and annual reviews as well as the annual TLG Connected conference.


All coaching activities take place in school. Churches will need to ensure their coaching teams have access to coaching materials such as games and craft materials. In addition, children and their families may be invited to attend other church events.


Churches will need to ensure that they have a minimum of five volunteers who are willing to coach to set up an Early Intervention project. Once referred by their church leaders, coaches must complete an application process and training through TLG.


TLG Early Intervention has:


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