Street Connect's Making Connections project equips local churches to engage adults struggling with addiction and associated issues, offering hope and opportunity for recovery.
“This is probably the best project we have started since the church began."
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Team members will take part in street outreach and/or serving in the drop-in café, which could mean speaking to participants or serving teas and coffees.


It will take at least three months to complete the training, assemble your team, get the project set-up and make contact with external agencies. Volunteers will require 3 – 4 hours per week, with the Project Leader requiring another 2 – 3 hours per week.


The church will pay Street Connect a monthly contribution of £60 for training, resources and ongoing support & development. If a higher level of support is required, these costs will increase accordingly. You will also have ongoing running costs for your project.


Through our signposting training you will be able to identify various referral agencies and other relevant organisations you need to connect with such as other recovery agencies, community addiction teams etc. A Partnership Co-ordinator can assist you with this as required.


We provide all relevant training in advance of launching your project via our online learning platform. A Partnership Co-ordinator will also support you during set up and provide ongoing monthly support. We have a number of available resources including operations manuals and fundraising resources. We also provide in depth Leadership training, including a 360 degree assessment tool.


You will need a space to run the drop-in café, facilities to provide refreshments and access to a computer.


A Local project Leader needs to be appointed to coordinate the project and at least 4 committed volunteers to carry out street outreach and support the running of the drop-in café. The busier the café gets, you may require additional volunteers. We work on a minimum ratio of 5:1 (5 participants to 1 volunteer) in the cafe.


Street Connect - Making Connections has:


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