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Safe Place - our first pathway, is an awareness raising and signposting initiative. Safe Place provides training and resources for churches to enable them to provide signposting to support services for anyone affected by domestic or sexual abuse. Safe Church empowers churches to safeguard children and adults who have experienced domestic abuse. Safe Church provides progression training to enable churches to recognise and respond to anyone affected by domestic abuse.
"The Safe Place and Safe Churches initiatives have provided the Methodist Church in Ireland with much needed and very relevant information and resources on Domestic Abuse. This awareness raising will be invaluable for people within the church, and the community, to know that support and help is available."
Grace McGurk, Methodist Church in Ireland


Churches can become a Safe Place by attending our Tier 1 Domestic & Sexual Abuse (Safe Place) online Awareness Raising Session (1.5hrs in duration). Churches can choose to progress to become an accredited Safe Church where they will take the lead in addressing domestic abuse both within their own Church and wider church community.


To achieve Safe Place Charter Status a church needs to attend our Tier 1 online training session (1.5hrs in duration). Churches then complete a simple online Safe Place registration form and on receipt of this Onus will send a supply of Safe Place signposting resources to the church. Progression to the Safe Church Pathway requires attendance at our Tier 2 Safe Church session and roll out thereafter of our Tier 1 Safe Place session and Tier 2 Community Safe Place Advocates session (all 1.5hrs in duration) to the wider church community.


Safe Place training can be delivered to up to 20 participants at a cost of £350 +VAT per session which includes training and Safe Place resources. (Onus has partnered with some church denominations who as Onus Safe Place Partners may be able to provide Safe Place training in-house free of charge.) Safe Church, including Safe Place Tier 1and an additional 3 tiers of progression training plus provision of Safe Place Resources can be delivered for £2,000 with a maximum of 20 participants.


Through the Safe Place and Safe Church training you will connect with your local community and provide a vital link to help anyone affected by domestic abuse access support


Onus provides training, resources and ongoing support to any churches joining up to the initiatives. We have a dedicated team who provide support to all of our participating Safe Places and Safe Churches.


Churches will need to display the range of Safe Place resources provided by Onus including the Safe Place window sticker, Safe Place business cards and poster with details of support services available.


Safe Place training is open to anyone to attend. To become a Safe Place requires a minimum of two attendees from the Church. However, we would encourage as many people as possible to avail of this training. Safe Church progression training is recommended for Clergy and those with a responsibility for safeguarding within the church. Onus recommend attendance of 3 participants per Church.


Onus Safe Church has:


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