Neighbourhood Chaplains eouips local churches to engage with their community. We want to take the church into the heart of the community and bring the community to the heart of the church.
"When my chaplain visits it reminds me the church really cares and God has not forgotten me, their friendship and support makes all the difference."
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Volunteers connect, befriend and serve the local community.


All volunteer chaplains attend a module training course over a period of three weeks. This is currently via zoom and each module takes two-hours. Volunteers can offer whatever time they have as they join a team in serving the practical and spiritual needs of the community.


The training is delivered online and costs £150 per church. Monthly membership costs £25 per church scheme. All scheme members can purchase branded clothing and have access to free seasonal cards and gospel resources.


Churches can help to respond, resource, and invest in the needs of their community offering neighbourhood chaplaincy volunteers as a bedrock for community action.


All teams that attend training can as a member scheme receive support to launch and have an opportunity to network with other churches running the initiative. We also help churches to collect information on services they can signpost people to,2 for support.


Your team will need a room where they can meet to pray and debrief (or online). You will also need a computer, printer, a secure way to store information, and branded clothing.


The minimum number in your team required to launch your Neighbourhood Chaplains scheme is a leader and three to four volunteers.


Neighbourhood Chaplains has:


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