Kids Matter engages local churches to equip families facing disadvantages in their community through an effective parenting programme to enable every child in need to be raised in a strong family; interrupting any negative trajectory and ending cycles of deprivation.
"Doing Kids Matter gave me the confidence to go along to other groups and every night when I put my daughter to bed, l ask her what was her best thing about the day?"
Kids Matter Participant


Trained facilitators share their own parenting experience and the programme material in a relaxed and friendly environment. Parents are encouraged to participate in ongoing community activities.


It takes roughly 2-3 months to get the project started. The programme runs for 6 weeks with weekly 2-hour sessions. Facilitators will also need to build in preparation time.


It costs £250 for one facilitator to attend a 4-day training course and then £52 per month to partner with Kids Matter for a minimum of 12 months. Other costs will include refreshments and resources for the crèche.


You'll receive support to help you identify a community link, such as a children's centre, school or GP, that can recommend your programme to parents they are working with.


Kids Matter provide initial and ongoing training, along with all the resources, including programme booklets, invitations and posters. Each partner church is allocated one of our experienced support coaches to provide continuous support to the facilitator. There are also 3 workshops a year for trained facilitators.


You will need a child-friendly meeting space where refreshments can be served. A neutral community building is ideal, but it can be in your church if parents are familiar already with it.


You'll need to appoint a Kids Matter Facilitator to lead the project, someone to help and, ideally, others to run a crèche for parents with young children. The facilitator should have their own parenting experience.


Kids Matter has:


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