CAP Life Skills equips people with the confidence, decision making and practical skills needed to live on a low incorne. Sessions in the group will cover budgeting, money saving, cooking tips, wellbeing skills, and how to relate well to others.
"It's a wonderful way to make your faith real and to make a difference. We talk about being more like Jesus and this is an opportunity to act that out."
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A CAP Life Skills group meets once a week and is run by a trained CAP Life Skills Manager from your church. The 8 session course is interactive and covers practical topics such as dealing with pressure, making money go further, and cooking on a budget.


CAP provides online training for new CAP Life Skills managers and coaches. This is a mixture of self-led and interactive learning and will take around 15-20 hours to complete over 4 weeks. Once trained your team should aim to allocate 8-10 hours a week to this ministry which will involve running the course, but also planning and referral building behind the scenes.


CAP ask churches to make a monthly contribution of £60 to cover the cost of all resources and support.


CAP will help you to build relationships with social services, job centres and other local services who can provide you with referrals.


All of the necessary training and resources to lead an effective project is provided. CAP's dedicated team of area managers will then continue to support you on an on-going basis as you continue to run this ministry.


You will need a suitable room to host the meetings and serve refreshments and will also need to have access to a computer.


A CAP Life Skills manager and at least one additional CAP Life Skills coach will need to be recruited to manage the project. It is also helpful to gather a number of volunteers inside the church to support them.


CAP Life Skills has:


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