The Black Church Domestic Abuse Forum (BCDAF) empowers Black Majority Churches to support congregants affected by domestic abuse, and to build their confldence to work in partnership with local agencies to contribute to community wide intervention measures.
"This is an answer to prayer. I am empowered and inspired to go forward and help women get the support that they need."
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Churches who sign up to the programme will receive training and ongoing support from BCDAF to build the competence of the church as a whole to contribute to the fight against domestic abuse. Larger church groups will receive Train the Trainer, learning interventions to enable them to teach and deliver the toolkit resources to other churches in their group and across their regions, as appropriate.


It will take at about 3 months to complete the training and follow up support to embed the project, assemble your team and make contact with local authorities. Time spent administering the project will vary between churches, but on average may be an hour a week.


Costing is flexible and agreed on an individual basis, depending on the size of the church and the type of intervention and support requested. Get in touch for more information.


Through your BCDAF training you will learn how to connect with civic agencies supporting women and families experiencing domestic violence in your area.


BCDAF provide resources, training and support. This is all available online and virtually.


Churches will need an internal administrative infrastructure that complements or integrates comfortably into their existing safeguarding arrangements. We can help to develop this.


Key people in the church family - such as Head of Women's groups, Men's groups, or youth groups and of course those with safeguarding responsibilities will need to be trained to use the toolkit. No qualiflcations are necessary - just a compassionate and caring nature.


Black Church Domestic Abuse Forum has:


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