Equipping UK churches for social action in their communities

There are two ways we help local UK churches impact their communities – by developing Christian social action projects, and supporting individual church leaders and volunteers. Together this is a powerful combination that brings transformation to the very heart of communities across the United Kingdom. Come and explore how we can support you.

Social Action Projects

Let us help your social action project grow and replicate in other locations. Access coaching, teaching and support that’s been developed for organisations in the early stages of growth just like yours. We also have a huge network of brilliant projects that churches can use right now to respond to the needs in their communities.

Churches and Activists

If you want to transform your community, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got everything you need to help your church develop brilliant community work –
from replicable projects and training for your team, to topical resources and practical tools. Come and explore!


Who do we serve?

We support local churches and Christian social action projects run by people who are passionate about addressing the needs in their communities and are eager to do so with professionalism and generosity.  

What makes us different? 

Our community development and social franchise practitioners use proven methods to help churches and Christian social action projects to join in with what God is doing as they address relevant issues in their communities.  

What do we do? 

We build the capacity and capability of local churches and social action projects so they can be more sustainable and help more people. 

How do we do it? 

Through our national community we create connections, share knowledge, inspire action, and address injustice.

We do this by finding breakthrough social action projects, delivering training, providing one-to-one support, connecting people with funding, publishing resources, sharing knowledge and suggesting solutions. 


We’re Christ-centred – We look to Christ as our inspiration and our guide. We commit all our work to the Lord in prayer, reflecting on our practice in the light of God’s leading.  

We’re practical – We are focused on practically supporting churches and Christian social action projects. We always ask ourselves, “what difference will this make at a grassroots community level?” 

We bring expertise – We strive as a team to pool our resources, share our expertise, and make use of our diversity.  

We connect people and ideas – We share our work widely whilst partnering with others to maximise our collective impact.   

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