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We are determined to regularly connect, inform and inspire over 100 leaders by 2027, so that together we can rapidly grow church based social action across the length and breadth of the UK. But we cannot achieve this without your support.

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“It has been like an oasis in the desert for us. What we do is pioneering, and often alone. To be able to gather with like-minded crazy ‘apostles’ in social justice, to share pain, share glory, share inspiration is priceless. The affirmation that comes is much needed.”

Incubator Project


“Cinnamon is very important for my mental health as a leader. I need Residentials like this to get me through my year and to remind us all we are not alone – and the challenges we face are not unique. It is a very special group of people.” –

Incubator Project


“These gatherings were led by Mark who facilitated informal and yet profoundly insightful sessions into areas of leadership that cause struggles and challenges. Friendships were formed that go beyond the gatherings and I believe I, as well as the rest of the group, are stronger leaders because of these sessions.”

Paul Blakey

ROC Angels

Through your generosity, Cinnamon Network will be able to:

Help those in need, because no person deserves to be left alone, in fear and without support.
With shrinking statuary support and worsening waiting lists, there is a growing need for the local church to step-up and respond to societies most devastating challenges.

Since 2013, Cinnamon Network have ‘incubated’ 53 projects, enabling them to establish 1,038 social action projects supporting 160,000+ beneficiaries.

Help Local Church, because their vision is great but their resource is limited.
Our research shows that although churches in the UK are making a significant contribution to society through social action, over 60% feel they could do more if they had the right help and support.

Access to a greater variety of quality social franchise projects will enable churches to respond to their communities’ greatest needs, connecting churches with the support they seek, whilst ensuring that their limited resource leads to a significant and sustained impact.

Help Social Entrepreneurs, because too many of those who fight for justice are feeling overwhelmed
It is difficult to lead any organsiation, but social projects bring unique challenges. We believe that social entrepreneurs should not have to feel alone or unsupported on this journey, and we want to retain their incredible gifts.

We already have a waiting list of projects who have reached out for our help and support.

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“The leadership sessions that Mark has facilitated have been so valuable to me as a CEO and to my organisation. They have given me space and time to discuss the ‘wicked’ problems that I face within my charity with peers who are so knowledgeable and supportive. It has helped me gain new perspectives and build my knowledge and confidence. It has supported me to ensure that I am looking after my own wellbeing as a leader, which is so vital to the wellbeing of the whole organisation. Working alongside so many secular organisations, having time to discuss & pray with Christian peers is amazing and something that I cannot access in the same way elsewhere.”

Cat Ros

Baby Basics

“I love the way Cinnamon manages to balance and support the professional growth with the personal. Where you can grow as a leader in your role but also have time to just be who you are as individual. Where growth and care of these 2 aspects are so well cared for and balanced with equal value. It really is something you do so well, and it really has a powerful impact.


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